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About Us

Our pursuit of the finest cup of coffee led us to creating it.

Our beginnings are very similar to any other third wave coffee roastery origin story that you may have read. In the early 2010’s, a bunch of friends got tired of minimal options on fresh coffee and their pursuit of brewing the best cup led to the formation of Red Earth Coffee Roasters. So this leads to two questions – How are we common to our fellow roasters and how are we different?

How are we common?

  • Work directly with farmers to source sustainable and delicious coffees that we can find
  • Roasting in micro-lots to send out the freshest coffee possible
  • Precision roasting to bring standardization in coffee output to the extent possible

How are we different?

  • Cover a full stack of offerings from filter coffee to specialty to single origin and cold brew with round the year availability
  • Continuous Innovation in sourcing, roasting, blending, grinding, packing, brewing and dispensing
  • Superior Coffee experience catering to a holistic set of demographics from Gen Z, Millennials to functional consumers like Athletes, keto etc

Come, join us as we take you on a sensuous and delightful journey of coffee, experiences and more