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Biccode Estate
Biccode Estate
Biccode Estate
Rs. 120.00

Biccode Estate

Roast: Medium Light

Processing: Yellow Honey

Varietal: Catimor

Taste Scale: Sweet & Fruity

Pour over coffee is brewed by gently pouring hot water over and through the grounds to extract the amazing coffee flavours into your cup. Pour overs are a great way to taste the coffee for any kind of roast degree. All our pour overs are made using Hario V60 / Kalitta / Melitta brewers with 17 grams of coffee and 1:16 coffee to water ratio. 

Aeropress - A very versatile & simply to use manual brewer to make wide variety of coffee from espresso to americano style. At Red Earth Roasters, we make the most flavourful cup with 17 grams of coffee and 1:13 coffee to water ratio in an americano style.

Syphon - One of the oldest methods from 1830s, Syphon brewing combines total immersion brewing with filter brewing, resulting in a full-bodied and very clean cup. This method is perfect for bringing out the coffee's unique qualities. At Red Earth Roasters, we make with 17 grams of coffee and 1:14 coffee to water ratio for the most flavourful cup.